Wiltshire, UK

Lumiar School Forest

A bee-friendly forest in Wiltshire.

Land Forest
Miyawaki Method

Lumiar is a small, self funded school currently with 25 children. The school opens young minds, while encouraging creativity, responsibility and environmental awareness.

The children are full of enthusiasm and eager to learn and care for their environment.

By creating the bee-friendly micro forest, we bring children closer to nature, build biodiversity, boost bees, and have loads of fun!


Plant a tree in England




square meters


native species

“Lumiar is a small, progressive school that engages children with fun hands-on nature-based activities and learning. Our aim is to create a unique bee friendly native forest with the help of the children and local community.”

James Godfrey-Faussett

Lumiar School Forest

The Benefits

Planting a forest at Lumiar School will:

  • Provide an educational platform for the students

  • Restore Biodiversity

  • Regenerate local ecosystems (soil)

  • Preserve Native Species

  • Provide a haven for local bees

  • Spark connections to Nature for a lifetime

Why a Bee Friendly Forest?

Bee populations are diminishing rapidly and alarmingly.  By creating a tiny forest of specific native trees that flower successionally, we can offer the bees an almost continual food source and well as their favoured trees for winter hibernation.

The children study and monitor the bees and the many other forms of biodiversity that Miyawaki forests make possible.


They will plant specific to Bees:

(all UK native) Listed as per flowering time in succession.

Goat Willow, Common Alder, Hazel, Hazel Kentish Cob, Cherry Plum, Blackthorn, Field Maple, Crab Apple, Bird Cherry, Wild Cherry, Black Poplar, Hawthorn, Rowan, Whitebeam, Holly, Small leaved Lime, Large leaved Lime, Wild Privet

Also abundant locally:

Dogwood, Guelder Rose, Juniper, Spindle, Willow grey, Oak

(Sessile and English for winter shelter.
The Oak provides shelter for over 500 pollinator species.)

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