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We are a global community of rewilders, who grow ultra-dense, biodiverse forests of only native species.

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Our Rewilders

We have a global network of partners planting according to a specific method; The Miyawaki Method.


Native species

We guarantee native, wild, maintenance-free forests in 2-3 years only (*) lasting until the next Ice Age


Track your impact

We deliver transparent growth reports. Allowing donors big and small to track their impact.


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Join us to bring unique afforestation projects to life.

Vacant lots, abandoned sites and landfills can be repurposed. Parks, watercourses and parking lots can become perfect places for birds to nest, for fruits to grow, for fresh air, for forest bathing or simply for the magic of it.


Give a unique gift to a friend or loved one.

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 “We need more awareness when it comes to the environment. What we call a forest now is not the pristine forest that existed before. Now, even a plantation can qualify as a forest. This is dangerous,”

Shubhendu Sharma
SUGi partner & founder of Afforestt


Beirut’s first native urban forest  

See how to plant an urban forest, by the Miyawaki Method, with our Rewilders — Afforestt & Adib Dada.


Planting with the Miyawaki Method, we achieve incredible results: 


natural and chemical free


faster growth.


more green surface area.


more biodiversity then any-other method



Banglore Airport — Barren to forest in 4 months.

Afforestt, founded by Shubhendu Sharma, supports SUGi with the selection and execution of every project.


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Cities, and not just rainforests, can provide ecosystems services.

Filtering up to a third of fine particles pollutants within 300 yards of a tree. Leading to cleaner air!

Cooling city streets by 1-3°C, thus reducing heat islands and cutting energy use.

Enhance biodiversity including habitat for migrating birds and pollinators.

Reducing Stress by helping interrupt thought patterns that lead to anxiety and depression.