Elise, Sugi team


Elise Van Middelem

Founder & Chief Impact Officer

Elise is a Creative Brand Strategist with 16+ years of experience developing large scale interdisciplinary projects — from conception through execution. It was during a trek in Upper Mustang that the idea of SUGi was born. SUGi is the union of her two passions, Art & Nature, under one purpose: to empower anyone anywhere in the world to become a biodiversity builder.

Daniel, Sugi team


Daniel Diego Lincoln

Creative Director

Daniel is a multi-disciplinary creative strategist, working across fashion, lifestyle and technology. Daniel has built audiences for renowned brands with compelling messaging and simple, sticky tools for sustained engagement.

Tamsin, Sugi team


Tamsin Smith

Brand Voice

Tamsin is a social impact innovator. She is known for her pioneering work as founding president of the ground-breaking (RED) campaign, and has helped advise and build various mission-driven brands and public facing initiatives for global foundations.

James, Sugi team


James Godfrey-Faussett

Lead Forest Maker

James has 28 years of horticultural, landscaping and garden design experience, always with a desire to integrate organic and biodynamic methods. While researching for a practical solution to help our planet and heal precious forest ecosystems, James discovered the pioneering Miyawaki method of afforestation, which after extensive trialing, he now implements and teaches as a core member of the SUGi team.


Teo Ursoiu

Junior Designer


Kevin Hill

General Advisor

Kevin has worked in the international development field for over 35 years. He served as an associate advisor with the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development to support the creation of a global programme of environmentally sound and sustainable development (known as Agenda 21), which formed the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals.

David, Sugi team


David de Rothschild

Rewilding Architect

David is an adventurer and influential environmentalist.​ Driven by his immeasurable curiosity for the natural world, he has ventured to some of the most remote and fragile ecosystems on our planet in order to bring widespread attention and innovative solutions to urgent global environmental issues.

Dr. Grey

Dr. Grey Coupland

Lead Scientist

Henry, Sugi team


Henry McCausland