Santiago, Chile

Healing Islands

Rewilding Santiago’s Iconic Children’s Hospital

Pocket Forest
Miyawaki Method

The Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital is one of the most iconic children public hospitals in Chile.

Immersed in the concrete jungle of Santiago, Symbiotica will break the cement to bring back Nature’s expression.

These Native Islands will bring home to local flora, fauna and fungi, and provide medicinal leaves, flowers and fruits for patients, visitors, staff, and the general public.

The healing of the Earth is the healing of humanity. These Native Islands will help children recover and stand as a statement of action for the rewilding generation.

Forest Maker Symbioticá


Rewilding Santiago’s Iconic Children’s Hospital




Square Meters


Native Species

The site of the Healing Islands in Santiago, Chile
The pocket forest after 1 year growth

“The hospital has very interesting places to make Native Islands, or Miyawaki Forests. Conventional green areas will be transformed into forests, an inner cement courtyard will be rewilded, and abandoned and exposed soil will be renewed with micro and macro life. During the plantation, everyone will connect with the healing of Mother Earth and bring the experience back into their everyday life at the hospital.”

Nicolás Corral, Symbiotica

Forest Report: 1 Year

DATE: 09.10.2022

Survival Rate: 78%

Average of Tallest 3 Trees: 310cm

This pocket forest is doing well and really transformed this outdoor area of Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital. Survival rate is lower than expected but this is due almost exclusively to human factors and highlights the challenges around dealing with third-parties when forest making. Gardeners employed by the hospital removed the important mulch layer, along with saplings in certain areas for maintenance works. However, these issues have now been addressed with the necessary authorities and patches where plants have not survived will be replanted.

Still, growth rate of surviving saplings is incredible; a 310cm maximum height illustrates this. A golden cassia (Senna candolleana) has flowered this year and we look forward to this forest bringing more joy to the hospital community in its second year.

The site of Healing Islands forest
The pcoket forest after 1 year growth
The site of Healing Islands forest
The pcoket forest after 1 year growth

Biodiversity Notes:

Golden cassia (Senna candolleana)
Corontillo (Escallonia revoluta)
Bird box creating a safe haven for local wildlife

Forest Report: 6 Months

DATE: 09.04.2022

Forest Report: Planting

DATE: 09.11.2021

Forest Design

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