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SUGi is helping Breitling establish itself not only as a leader not only minimizing impact on the environment, but in proactively restoring biodiversity as the vital web of life.

The brand’s partnership takes Breitling’s commitment to sustainability to the next level.

Athenian Oak Revival — Athens, Greece

Our Athenian Oak Revival project marks the first time SUGi is venturing into large-scale oak restoration and comes in response to the tragic loss of forests in the region following years of intermittent fires. Calling on both the natural history and mythology of the region, 12 species of indigenous oak trees will be restored across 10,000 Sq m. Our aim is to bring back a native oak forest in an area where these beautiful ecosystems used to be common sight but are slowly being forgotten.

The project will restore this complex ecosystem through the planting of an interconnected mix of native species - from the mighty oaks down to scented and medicinal herbs. This will create one harmonic and resilient ecosystem in which biodiversity will flourish. Athenian Oak Revival is also important for land management and the prevention of forest fires. It offers an alternative to the pine monoplanations that have come to dominate the local landscape and are highly susceptible to fires. In planting a diverse mix of species, this pocket of oak forest could potentially help combat future blazes.

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Thames View Forest — Barking & Dagenham, London, UK

Located in a heavily polluted area of London, yet near to the historic river Thames, this school forest will provide access to nature for children who have little green space in their daily lives. The forest will support the science curriculum for these young students, give hands-on exposure to the importance of biodiversity and give them an active role in boosting the ecological richness of the area.

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San Miguel Tully — Queensland, Australia

San Miguel Tully in Australia is a creek ecosystem which, along with the surrounding land, needs revitalization. Purifying the water outflows is critical to the quality of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Sites like this creek, with its exotic and rare flora, are sanctuaries for nature. They are a tiny but essential oasis in a large sea of farmland.

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Bulu Water Catchment — Buea, Cameroon

Though the area of Buea in southwest Cameroon is blessed with abundant water resources, local inhabitants have – as a result of poor water management – faced a serious water crisis for a generation. Population growth and rapid urbanization placed even greater pressure on the community. Breitling is supporting this ambitious project committed to rewilding five of Buea’s main water catchments.

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Healing Forest — Yakama Nation, USA

The Healing Forest in Washington will cultivate an abundant resource for the Yakama Nation by transforming a barren landscape into a thriving, lush forest at the Yakama Nation Corrections & Rehabilitation Facility. The goal is to nourish the land and restore the lives of the inhabitants. Although there are only ten inches (25 cm) of annual rainfall, there is the potential to create a native tree forest of these grounds. The Healing Forest will teach the wisdom of the old ways, in which individuals live in balance with themselves, their neighbors, and the natural world.

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TU’PAXIN — Yakama Nation, USA

Debra is a member of the Yakama Nation in central Washington State. Her American Indian name is Tu’paxin. She was named after her great grandmother, who was a strong and protective figure for the Tribe. The forest gets its name from these two strong women. Tu’paxin will be an inspirational and educational forest in the shape of a medicine wheel.

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Khoi First Nations Forest — Cape Town, South Africa

Khoi First Nations Forest will be a collaboration with the Goringhaikona Khoi tribe, an indigenous South African community. Planting a forest will reconnect community members with native tree species from the neighboring Table Mountain.

The Goringhaikona kraal (a traditional, circular enclosure and settlement) at the Oude Molen Eco-Village is a cultural and heritage site where this first nations tribe uphold their practices. It is the last remaining Khoi kraal in Cape Town and Khoi First Nations Forest will be located adjacent to it. Indeed the forest will have a circular design, mirroring the shape of the kraal.

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Kumano Shrine Forest — Tokyo, Japan

After reading Chinju no mori, we invited Shinichi Meguro, chief researcher of IGES-JISE (Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology) to research the forest that surrounds our facilities and found it had been an ancient woodland 9,000 years ago.

However, in the 20th century, the area around the forest was designated a quasi-industrial zone and buildings sprouted up, which led to the forest drying up. An asphalt path was made in the woods by scraping away leaf mold—which is said to accumulate only one centimeter in a century—from the forest floor. We plan to restore this to its original state.

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"Your work is impactful, easy to grasp, and we are delighted that we can continue our relationship to achieve even more."

Georges Kern, CEO Breitling

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