Thames View Forest

A school forest to rewild industrialised east London.

Barking and Dagenham, London, England
Miyawaki Forest
Self Sustaining
After approx. two years our SUGi Pocket Forests can be classed as self-sustaining, at which point they can be handed over to nature and left alone for complexity to naturally develop.




Square Meters


Native Species

The site for the Thames View School Forest in the school grounds.
The pocket forest after 1 year growth

Forest Partner

The Thames View Forest after 1 year growth
Soil with dark carbon and visible diverse life
Elder (Sambucus) 2.6cm girth
Crack willow (Salix fragilis)

“By participating in this project with SUGi we are very proud to be giving our children a range of opportunities and experiences that will develop them as compassionate citizens of the future. By working with SUGi we are giving our children a real chance to make a real difference.“

Sandy Sanghera, Deputy Headteacher, Thames View Junior School

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