Pirque, Chile

Pirque Forest

From a parking lot to a lot of parks

Pocket Forest
Miyawaki Method

This is an empty space in between an artisan village, a farmer´s market,  the town stadium, and the largest park in the area. It has become a spontaneous parking lot. We will build a SUGI Forest here, we will unite this fragmented place, provide shade and biodiversity to the hundreds of people that visit every week. It’s a strategic spot where citizens can witness how the trees are recovering ground, one forest at a time.

Forest Maker Bosko Chile


Rewilding in Pirque, Chile.




Square Meters


Native Species

The site of Pirque Forest in Pirque, Chile
The pocket forest after 1 year growth

“We have turned a parking lot into an incredible Miyawaki forest before. Now I want to help my hometown turn dirt into soil. To show them the power that’s right underneath their feet.”

Magdalena Valdés, Bosko Chile

Forest Report: 1 Year

DATE: 25.11.2022

Survival Rate: 73%

Average of Tallest 3 Trees: 340cm

This pocket forest is doing well, though due to the extreme fluctuations in temperature that it has experienced - often between day and night - it is not without its challenges. Similarly, the aridity of the area has been a concern and a lack of uniformity of irrigation across the forest has shown to influence survival rate across different sections of the forest. Still, at 1.5 years Pirque forest is flourishing with many of the species flowering and producing seeds.

Biodiversity Notes:

All kinds of insects can be seen across the pocket forest, including various types of ladybugs (Coleoptera), flies (Diptera) and bees (Hymenoptera). With insect activity we are hoping to see some reptiles in the forest in the next year.

Pale yellow-eye grass (Sisyrinchium striatum)
Mitique (Podanthus mitique)
Wirevine (Muehlenbeckia hastulata)
Malva de cerro (Sphaeralcea obtusiloba)

Forest Report: 8 Months

DATE: 08.02.2022

Forest Report: Planting

DATE: 25.11.2021

Magdalena, Veronica, and Maria of the Bosko Chile team.
A two year old forest previously planted by Bosko serves as a vision for what this project will look like in the future.

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