Dagenham, London, UK

Forest of Thanks

A symbol of resilience, hope, and healing for the local community.

Miyawaki Method
Land Forest

SUGi is partnering with the Borough of Barking & Dagenham which has been designated as a national priority for urban regeneration; to build the largest Miyawaki Forest in the UK!

An ambitious coalition of civic and community leaders has come together to support the creation of a Forest of Thanks for all the front liners and regular citizens fighting COVID-19.

This visible affirmation and enduring legacy is to be planted in Parsloes Park, Dagenham in the fall of 2020.





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navite species

“The Leaders of the Borough of Barking & Dagenham, TCV and SUGi have come together to create the largest Miyawaki Forest in the UK as a symbol of resilience, hope, and healing for the local community and the UK as a whole. It’s a very special moment for all of us.”

Forest Design

We choose the leaf of an Oak tree (Quercus Robur) as the design for the forest. The Oak tree is a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge.

Oak trees support a complex ecosystem with many species, including humans.

Miyawaki Forest Native
Species list

Canopy Layer:

  • Oak, english Quercus robur - 3200 (quantity).
  • Oak, sessile Quercus petraea - 3200
  • Cherry, wild Prunus avium - 1300
  • Beech, common Fagus sylvatica - 600
  • Lime, larged leaved Tilia cordata - 1000

Tree Layer:

  • Birch, downy Betula pubescens - 2200
  • Wild service tree Sorbus torminalis - 600
  • Birch, silver Betula pendula - 2600
  • Cherry, bird Prunus padus - 1300

Sub Tree Layer:

  • Hazel Corylus avellana - 1600
  • Dogwood Cornus sanguinea - 1300
  • Maple, field Acer campestre - 1300
  • Willow, goat Salix caprea - 600
  • Hornbeam Carpinus betulus - 1000
  • Apple, crab Malus sylvestris - 600
  • Spindle Euonymus europaea - 600
  • Holly Ilex aquifolium - 1000
  • Whitebeam Sorbus aria - 600
  • Elder Sambucus nigra - 1000
  • Box, common Buxus sempervirens - 600
  • Juniper Juniperus communis - 2200

Shrub Layer:

  • Shrubs Blackthorn Prunus spinose - 1600
  • Shrubs Wayfaring tree Viburnum lantana - 1000
  • Shrubs Guelder, rose Viburnum opulus - 1000

Total 32,000 saplings


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