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Rewilding water catchment 3 of 5.

Pocket Forest
Miyawaki Method

The Bwitingi water catchment is the third chapter of the story. It consists of a water tank built over an underground spring. It used to have many outlets but with the trees removed and the area encroached by farms, it now has only one.

The catchment supplies water to Molyko, Muea and Wonia Mavio neighbourhoods.

Forest Maker Limbi Blessing Tata


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The site of Bwitingi in Buea, Cameroon
The pocket forest after 1 year growth

“We aren’t just planting forests, we are bringing about ​significant positive social change on many levels​. Suddenly, youths are checking on us saying 'please when are we planting the next forest'? It's awesome.”

Limbi Blessing Tata

Forest Report: 1 Year

DATE: 11.08.2022

Survival Rate: 92%

Average of tallest 3 trees: 900cm

After 1 year this forest is progressing well, it is dense - as a Miyawaki forest ought to be - with good canopy cover and low visibility on the forest floor, so much so that we have to call out to our team within the forest. This is a brilliant sign for wildlife in the forest; it means there are protected, sheltered spaces and this will support biodiversity. Bwitingi is a real haven.

The water catchment continues to do well with this new forest surrounding it. It remains a reliable water source for local people - in addition to local industry who rely on this catchment for construction works.

The Bwitingi forest after 1 year growth

Biodiversity Notes:

Many millipedes (Stemmiulus gervais) have been seen in the forest.

Millipede (Diplopoda sp.)
Fruit of ‘waterside’ creeping plant (latin name unknown)
Coral tree (Erithrina abyssinica) fruit
Seeds from (Bauhinia sp.)

Forest Report: Planting

DATE: 11.08.2021

The Benefits

Planting a forest at BWITINGI will:

  • Recharge ground water and improve water tables

  • Regenerate biodiversity

  • Allow for honey gathering

  • Grow medicinal herbs and spices, nuts, fruits that can be harvested and sold by members of the community.

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