Pattaya, Thailand

Ancestral Forest

Celebrating the connection between art and nature with a sensory forest.

Miyawaki Method

Ancestral Forest sees SUGi and Wonderfruit collaborate for the first time, creating a 1.5 hectare interactive sensory forest inspired by Wonderfruit festival’s guiding principles of catalyzing positive impact through curiosity and creativity at the connection point of art and nature.

This pocket forest will act as a multi-sensory journey for visitors as they wander among the sounds, smells and sights of the natural world.

Peaceful meditative areas, buildings and art installations will blend into the forest to allow immersion and deepening of the abiding connection between people and nature.

Wonderfruit takes place in the province of Chonburi and Khao Khieo is the last remaining area of primary forest in the district. Now protected, it was once a vast wilderness. The area is formed from several different types of forest from the lowland tropical up to the mountainous cloud forests that cover the two dominant mountains. By using what remains as a reference forest, Ancestral Forest will replicate the true forest ancestry of the region.








The site of Ancestral Forest in Pattaya, Thailand
12 months forest

Forest Partner

“To be able to give back to nature is so powerful. I look forward to growing our new forest while bringing Wonderfruit even closer to nature.”

Pranitan Phornprapha, Wonderfruit Founder


Native Flora & Fauna

Sacred Fig — Ficus religiosa; Canopy: (Up to 40m)
White Cheesewood — Melodorum fruticosum Lour; Tree (10 - 20m)
Longjack — Eurycoma longifolia Jack; Understory (1 - 5m)
Local Fauna — 1. Wood Sandpiper 2. Flying Frog 3. Fruit Bat 4. Monitor Lizard 5. Little Green Heron

Ancestral Forest Design

Khao Khieo

Khao Khieo is the last remnant of evergreen primary forest that once blanketed the entire Chonburi province. This biodiversity rich biome still contains pockets of untouched forest; ranging from the wet meadow land, through the lowland evergreen forests and finally the upland evergreen cloud forests.

The uniqueness of Khao Khieo was finally recognised by the Thai Government in 1974 and the remaining area protected as a wildlife sanctuary.

Khao Khieo, the last remnant evergreen forest in Thailand

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