The Queen's Green Canopy

Creating a living tribute with The Queen’s Green Canopy









The Queen’s Green Canopy is a unique tree planting initiative created to honour the late Queen Elizabeth’s lifetime of service to her country and her people. SUGi is proud to announce a new partnership with The Queen’s Green Canopy to plant four new pocket forests in schools across the United Kingdom.

As always, we’ll be working closely with local communities to bring four new SUGi Pocket Forests to life in London, Cornwall and Bristol (coming soon).

Falmouth Primary Forest — Cornwall, U.K.

Falmouth Primary Forest will provide an outdoor classroom for the children of Falmouth Primary Academy, a small school in the heart of a Cornish town, as a living legacy for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The project will create a critical pocket of temperate rainforest, a now fragmented and rare ecosystem that once predominated along the west coast of the UK. It thrived thanks to the Gulf Stream, which provides mild, damp conditions that are ideal for rainforest biodiversity to flourish.

Falmouth Primary Forest will forge a connection between hundreds of school children and nature, supporting their wellbeing along with that of the planet.

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Legacy Forest — Barking, London, UK

Legacy Forest will be located in the dynamic borough of Barking and Dagenham as a living legacy for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. In an area with a long-history of industrial activity and high levels of pollution, Legacy Forest will create a resilient biodiversity corridor, restore the soil and bring back ecological richness to a borough in desperate need of an investment in Nature.

As well as a boost for Nature, the forest will be accessible to local people where they can take in the sights and sounds of the natural world; it will be a restorative and tranquil space in the community. This living legacy will support the wellbeing of both people and planet long into the future.

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St Peter's Forest — Barking, London, UK

St. Peter’s Forest is the latest chapter in SUGi’s efforts to bring back ecological richness to industrialised East London. The school is located in the forward-thinking borough of Barking and Dagenham, one of the most polluted areas of London. Creating a Miyawaki forest here would restore the soil and create a corridor in which biodiversity can thrive. Students will be able to observe a native ecosystem coming back to life and the forest will supplement the studies of pupils at a formative time in their educational lives.

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Hannah More Forest - Bristol, UK

The primary school is nestled in the heart of busy Bristol, surrounded on all sides by construction work and industrial estates.

A shipping container that is currently on the grounds will be converted to create an innovative classroom within the forest. This wil help children to appreciate nature, understand its beauty, and learn in a unique and engaging way.

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“We are delighted to be working with SUGi to help grow The Queen’s Green Canopy as a lasting legacy to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Four new pocket forests planted with local communities and schools across Barking and Dagenham, Bristol and Cornwall will help to create vibrant biodiversity corridors, clean the air that we breathe and support access to the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that close contact with nature enables. The projects will also provide ‘outdoor classrooms’ to inspire the next generation to understand and cherish the environment.”

Colonel Dan Rex MVO, Chief Executive, The Queen's Green Canopy