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Building a movement is all about expanding one’s community of allies, so SUGi is pleased to be partnering with two pioneers in driving positive environmental change through creative and innovative ways of walking the sustainability talk. Allbirds, the sustainable shoe and apparel brand, has made it their mission to treat Nature as a key business stakeholder, by combating the proliferation of petroleum-based materials in apparel and footwear and becoming 100% carbon neutral. Voice for Nature was founded by David de Rothschild to support individuals and organisations whose bold ideas push beyond the confines of conventional thinking to have real and measurable impact. Core to our unique collaboration is a focus on building a movement that inspires and empowers Youth to help us rewild the future.

The first step in this partnership journey will be the creation of the first ever Miyawaki School Forests in the United States in Berkeley, California. Together, we’ll plant 3 Outdoor Classrooms that  will not only give local children, their families, teachers, and neighbors access to lessons in and the benefits of biodiversity, but will be the spark of a movement to bring these forests to more schools and community centers. Stay tuned!

Cragmont Elementary

SUGi partners with schools across the globe to plant ultra-dense, biodiverse forests closer to the classroom. Berkeley, California will be home to the first three Miyawaki School Forests in the United States.

Martin Luther King Middle School

Today’s kids spend a whopping 44 hours a week in front of a screen and less than 10 minutes a day playing outside. Access to nature is not equal; it’s too often dictated by where you live, your race and income level. These forests will be a big leap forward in resetting the balance.

Malcolm X Elementary

The students in Berkley will not only benefit from the direct health effects of urban forests, but learning in nature improves a child’s behaviour, helps them build stronger relationships, reduces stress and anger, and heightens curiosity.

Even seeing nature from a school building fosters creative thinking and expands the imagination.

Partners in Rewilding

We embrace partners who share our vision of building biodiversity and green infrastructure. Each strategic collaboration is uniquely tailored.

We rewild with visionaries from iconic global brands to sustainable start ups, from city officials to pioneering designers, architects, and artists.

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