Cragmont Elementary

Outdoor Classrooms for East Bay Students.

Berkeley, California, USA
Miyawaki Forest
Self Sustaining
After approx. two years our SUGi Pocket Forests can be classed as self-sustaining, at which point they can be handed over to nature and left alone for complexity to naturally develop.




Square Feet


Native Species

The site of Cragmont Elementary forest in Berkeley, California, USA
The pocket forest after 1 year growth
Fremont cottonwood (Populus fremontii)
Oregon ash (Fraxinus latifolia)

“I can't say enough about how important this project is for our community and for our children. Most of the time, we just feel powerless as we watch the planet get hotter and experience longer and longer fire seasons in California. This is a very specific and progressive way to sink carbon and change the direction of the planet's temperature rise. I'm excited to include this solution in my curriculum this school year and beyond.“

Ms. Neelam Patil, M.Ed., MFA, Science Teacher at Cragmont and Oxford Elementary Schools

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