Sukhad Aranya

Restoring India’s desert forest to heal people and planet.

Rajasthan, India
Miyawaki Forest
Habitat Restoration
Forest Garden


Trees, Shrub, Grasses & Vines


Square Meters


Native Species


Forest Partner

Arrival of plants started, first lot of the day is in
Forming plant associations
Planted guilds along with mulched guilds
Planted, mulched, watered and passed knowledge onto the next generation
The site before any intervention
The site after months of preparation towards planting
Ground cover of millets and native grasses provding cover and protection
Our step well fully functional and now coated with lime wash for added anti bacterial growth in water and cooling temperature
Aak shrubs which were already existing on land. We preserved them and now they are flowering and fruiting
Wild Mushrooms
Native grasses and millets vegetative growth above ground and root network below ground
Wild edible cucumber
Lime plaster around stepwell and desert cotton around its edges
Creation of seating platforms in natural materials to not harm root structures
The central big circular space
The stepwell before the rain
The stepwell submerged in water
Unit filter chamber (filters out organic debris & sediments)
The site before any intervantion
The removal of invasive species
Creation of stepwell using only lime and stone
The full well from the rainwater

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