Power Plant Forest

An air filter next to a Power Plant.

Beirut, Lebanon
Miyawaki Forest
Self Sustaining
After approx. two years our SUGi Pocket Forests can be classed as self-sustaining, at which point they can be handed over to nature and left alone for complexity to naturally develop.
Plant a tree in Lebanon




Square Meters


Native Species

18 Months
18 Months

“This forest will grow in between 2 busy streets, next to a flyover, the chaotic highway, and with the ‘power plant of death’ as a backdrop!”

Adib Dada, founder theOtherDada

The Power Plant Forest after 18 months of growth.
Flourishing biodiversity after a 18 month growth
Plant forest in Lebanon
Plant forest in Beirut
Lebanon reforestation
power plant forest in Lebanon

"As we started the soil works, something rather unpleasant came to the light: a non-recorded high tension cable running through the site. We could hardly believe our eyes considering the many discussions with the municipality. The resilience of Adib & Dana (theOtherDada) knows no boundaries! We found a new site just a little higher up the road. As you can see, the Power Plant is still in sight."

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