Micro-forêts Toulouse

The Toulouse Microforest Collective was born of the dream that Toulouse, ‘the pink city’, would one day be full of trees and that people would once again feel part of nature, not apart from it.

The idea was for the founding ten members to be trained and to plant a Miyawaki forest, but also invite another ten participants to the planting to be inspired and trained such that they could then plant their own urban forests. Each group of ten would pass down the wisdom and so on and so on. The vision was for this model to enable the creation of forests in the region to develop exponentially.

This ambitious concept began to materialise in May 2020, with training provided by one of SUGi’s other Forest Makers, Nicolas de Brabandère, when the first Miyawaki forest in Toulouse was planted by this enterprising team.

Since then, the Collective has continued to grow, with a second forest of 1000 Sq m planted with a team at the city’s University of Science. The project was led by researchers in ecology, and is being followed up with research on microclimates created by Miyawaki forests, but also carbon retention and mycorize analysis.

The Toulouse Microforest Collective continues to flourish and make ever more of an impact on the urban landscape of the city. At its heart, the organisation looks to bring people together through nature and encourage individuals to reconnect with the simple beauties in the world around us.

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A green lung for the ‘pink city’

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Pocket Forest
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