Petit Prince Forest

Learning to “look with the heart” through nature + literature

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Inspired by one of the most beautiful stories in any language, the Petit Prince Forest will be created to celebrate the power of the human spirit and a child’s wild imagination to transform the world around them.  Petit Prince Forest is a project in collaboration with the Lycée Français de Madrid Saint Exupéry, a school delivering kindergarten, primary and secondary education to children in the northern part of the city. The forest will be situated directly in front of the school buildings, next to the parking area where the students are dropped off and collected.

Petit Prince Forest will be a critical addition in this highly urbanised area, as it will help to restore the degraded state of the land - that is currently barren and without any soil coverage - and improve air quality in the immediate vicinity. This will be a forest supporting the wellbeing (and dreams) of the land, as well as that of the pupils.

The location means it will become an important landmark for the school community and a key example of green infrastructure. Its creation will be complemented by a programme of teaching, with topics including the technicalities behind forest creation, soil, the impact of trees on our environment, along with the tree as a theme in literature and art.

The project directly celebrates literary endeavour: the name Petit Prince Forest refers to the 1943 novel of the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - after whom the school is named.








"The project flows from sustainability targets at the Lycée Français. The goal is for children to understand the issues of biodiversity and climate change, and to feel empowered to act now to save their planet. Students and teachers will play an active part in the project and will be able to see the forest flourish right outside."

Emilie Jezequel, Deputy Head Teacher, Lycée Français de Madrid Saint Exupéry

The location of the Petit Prince Forest
The site of the future Miyawaki Forest
The children of Lycée Français de Madrid Saint Exupéry

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