Charleroi, Belgium

Gilly School Forest

Bring Nature into the classroom.

Land Forest
Miyawaki Method

The ‘The Royal Athenaeum of Gilly’ is a public school located in Charleroi, Belgium. The surrounding landscape is marked by the decades of carbon exploration and industrial sites which came to an end in the 1970’s.

Over the past years, the community of Gilly has come together with the goal to create a greener identity. ‘Gilly School’ is part of it! Over the past five years, they have introduced ecology & sustainability in their daily practice. Children have a weekly course focused on the environment.

An educational forest for ‘Gilly School’ will support the next generation in learning about native species, biodiversity and regeneration.


Gilly School Forest in Belgium






Native species

dirt in a circle with tracter
The site of the new educational forest for the Gilly School, ready for planting.
green forest growth and houses
Nineteen months of growth at the Gilly School forest.

“I have been teaching biology over the past 8 years at ‘Gilly School’. Our goal has been to reconnect the young generation with nature. I teach them about the environmental crisis but more so, about the solutions that give hope to this earth. A mini forest will be a unique opportunity for them to learn about species, biodiversity and regeneration.”

Martial Gego, Biology Teacher and Nature Guide at School Gilly

people plant trees
hands in dirt plant sapling
plants in wooden boxes
man kneels in dirt planting tree
The Community plants the Miyawaki forest for the Gilly School, October 27, 2020.

The Benefits

Planting a forest at Gilly School will:

  • Provide an educational platform for the students

  • Restore biodiversity

  • Regenerate local ecosystems (soil)

  • Preserve native species

  • Inspire the neighbourhood
450 trees were planted on 150 square meters.

“Planting trees and watching them grow together to form a thriving ecosystem is an inspiring message for the future. Getting into action with kids is my message of hope.”

Nicolas de Brabandère, Urban Forests

Gilly Planted!

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