Queensland, Australia

Dingo Pocket

A sanctuary for native species.

Pocket Forest
Miyawaki Method

“Clearview” at Dingo Pocket Road is a sanctuary for many nature species in tropical North Queensland, Australia.

Our aim is to rehabilitate a cattle farm. By creating a wildlife corridor, we’ll connect our Miyawaki Forest to a native forest. This increases the possibilities for habitat rehabilitation and all the species that depend upon this vital ecosystem, including people.

Forest Maker Brett Krause


Protect native species in Australia




square meters


native species

green saplings in the ground
The site of Dingo Pocket in Queensland, Australia
an excavator digs in the dirt.
The pocket forest after 1.5 years growth

“I’m excited for the Dingo Pocket Forest as it will be our largest Miyawaki forest to date, but more so as it will provide habitat for over 80 native species.”

Brett Krause

Forest Report: 1.5 Years

DATE: 24.11.2022

Survival Rate: 95%

Average of Tallest 3 Trees: 400cm

Dingo Pocket’s height has increased 4x in 1 year. Once again, exceptional growth in a Queensland pocket forest. The canopy is developing well and the forest floor is in progress. Cattle did infiltrate the site and damage some trees but the forest has regrown well.

It is amazing to see the success at this site as it is a stand-alone forest - nowhere near remnant forest. Plus, next to the forest there is thick invasive Guinea Grass (Megathyrsus maximus) which can hamper biodiversity. Yet this seems to be no threat to Dingo Pocket.

Dingo Pocket after 1.5 years growth

Biodiversity Notes:

Various species of insect, spider and lizard have been observed in the forest, along with an unidentified type of bandicoot.

Apricot satinash (Syzygium fibrosum)
Flame kurrajong (Brachychiton acerfolius) Green long-leggeed fly (Austrosciapus connexus)
White ash (Alphitonia petrei)

Forest Report: Planting

DATE: 24.06.2021

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