SUGi Talks

Moments EP03

Pocket Forests are a proven way to help cities combat the urban heat island effect.

Episode 10

Reclaiming Public Space - Using Miyawaki Forests to green Beirut and restore hope in the city

Moment EP05

Healing the Earth; it's like we’re all dancing to the same music.

Episode 9

Cities in Crisis: How Nature-based Solutions can tackle our cities’ growing issues

Moment EP01

Urban Biodiversity: ≈it back into our cities.

Episode 8

The Cloud Gardener: Taking on the UK’s urban developers.

Episode 7

Jordan’s Changing Landscapes: The ecological price tag of urbanisation.

Episode 6

The Mycorrhizal Network: Do trees really speak to each other?

Episode 5

Community: How a Miyawaki Forest at Yakama Nation is healing generations.

Episode 4

The Miyawaki Method: A brief history of life-saving forests with Professor (Dr) Kazue Fujiwara

Episode 3

The Impact: What does science say about our Miyawaki Forests?

Episode 2

India’s Lost Desert Forests: Can life thrive in the desert?

Episode 1

Urban Biodiversity: Can Pocket Forests save our cities?