Reviving Vitality for People and Nature with Vittel









By joining forces, SUGi supports VITTEL’s mission to honor and nurture the harmony between people and nature through the creation of vitality spots. The SUGi Pocket Forest we are bringing to life together in Belgium is key for the company and for the local community..

This initiative embodies VITTEL’s commitment to help the renaturation of urban spaces, where biodiversity is endangered.

The ‘Car Park Forest’ will regenerate biodiversity and provide access to all of nature’s many benefits in a degraded urban space. Rewilding the city offers all residents and visitors a chance to “recharge their batteries'' and feel more wildly alive. The alliance between SUGi and VITTEL illustrates the possibility of fostering a virtuous circle between people and the natural world upon which all species depend so deeply. Like water itself, we can’t survive and flourish without the web of life.

Car Park Forest

Mechelen, Belgium

Transforming a concrete car park into a thriving urban forest

Mechelen Forest will rewild a car park on the edge of Mechelen city and restore a flourishing ecosystem, brimming with biodiversity. This peaceful space will serve to support both people and planet. In its current state, the 1500 Sq m area is a generator of pollution, as fumes from gathering cars are expelled into the atmosphere. This will be actively reversed by planting a SUGi Pocket Forest. Using the Miyawaki method and planting only native trees, the site will become a crucial, protected corridor in which wildlife and flora can thrive.

The forest will also enable local residents — including the children visiting a nearby farm and playground — to breathe cleaner air and observe ‘rewilding’ in action.

Partners in Rewilding

We embrace partners who share our vision of building biodiversity and green infrastructure. Each strategic collaboration is uniquely tailored.

We rewild with visionaries from iconic global brands to sustainable start ups, from city officials to pioneering designers, architects, and artists.

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