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A pioneer in using their platform for positive change and our allies as a founding member of, SUGi is pleased to be partnering with Salesforce. Together, we are building biodiversity with the help of Salesforce team members through the creation of two forests in the United Kingdom.

Our first forest with Salesforce was planted in September 2021 in Dagenham. Castle Green Forest is located in a heavily polluted area with very little green space for local residents. The trees chosen have evolved to live and thrive in the urban environment, and the density of the Miyawaki method used by SUGi will provide maximum potential Co2 drawdown and pollution mitigation. But the outpouring of community excitement is another of the big benefits.

November 2021, as world leaders meet in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference, we will join forces again with Salesforce to create Springburn Forest in a historic park that had become derelict. The Springburn Forest is to be a cornerstone of the overall plan to restore the ecology as well as the health and social benefits of what was once a vibrant gathering place for the people of north Glasgow.

Castle Green Forest — Barking and Dagenham, London, UK

The forest will act directly on its local environment. This area is heavily polluted and an urban biodiversity desert. The denseness of the Miyawaki method allows maximum potential Co2 drawdown and pollution mitigation. The trees chosen will also be the ones that have evolved to live and even thrive in the urban environment.

Springburn Forest, Glasgow, UK

Springburn Park is an important area of green space in northern Glasgow that has become semi-derelict in recent years. Most visible in the collapse of a Victorian greenhouse that sits in its grounds. SUGi is delighted to be a part of the efforts to revitalise this area, creating a Miyakwaki forest that will support the restoration of this historic building, whose former activities celebrated the natural world and made it’s wonders accessible to the people of Glasgow.

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