Rose Community Forest

Creating a resilient forest for a heat-vulnerable community.

Tuscon, Arizona, USA
Miyawaki Forest




Square Feet

The area of the Miyawaki Forest.

“Growing up in Tucson I remember waking up in the morning to the sound of white winged doves cooing. I loved to wander through the saguaro “forests” nearby where these beautiful birds shared a diverse habitat. When people think of the desert they imagine a barren landscape where nothing can grow. But there are descriptions about the riparian zone near Tucson’s Santa Cruz River from before the 20th century when massive flocks of birds would darken the sky for hours. With the help of the Miyawaki Method and looking to enhance the soil food web we hope to help accelerate the return of those conditions that once supported massive flocks.”

Ethan Bryson, SUGi Forest Maker

The design of the Rose Community Forest.

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