NextGen Forests

Greening for Newham’s Next Generation.

Newham, London, England
Miyawaki Forest




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Native Species

Site at West Ham Church Primary School
Site at Hallsville Primary
Site at School 21

“We’re thrilled to be working with SUGi on delivering new biodiverse and much needed green spaces for residents of all ages across Newham. The pilot seeks to make a significant step towards increasing the long-term climate resilience of the borough alongside the immediate learning, community, and overall health benefits of the planting process.”

Jacob Heitland, Director of Climate Action at Newham Council

Oak (Quercus) - The kings of biodiversity: home to over 1,500 organisms and that's not including bacteria and fungi.
Hawthorn (Crataegus) - Once known as the bread and cheese tree as the leaves and berries were commonly eaten every day and are also really high in antioxidants.
Rowan (Sorbus subg. Sorbus) - Once planted outside rural homes to keep evil spirits away.
Dogwood (Cornus) - So called after the old word for skewers - 'dogs' - as butchers made these from dogwood because it's so hard and strong.

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