Naru Moru

A learning center for future generations in Githima.

Githima, Kenya
Miyawaki Forest
Self Sustaining
After approx. two years our SUGi Pocket Forests can be classed as self-sustaining, at which point they can be handed over to nature and left alone for complexity to naturally develop.
A learning center for future generations in Githima, Kenya




Square Meters


Native Species

3 Years
3 Years

“Our goal is to empower the next generation with knowledge & skills to restore our forests. Miyawaki provides us with the opportunity to not only bring back the green but also the biodiversity of indigenous forests by mimicking nature.”

Michael Waiyaki, Founder Miti Alliance

African cherry (Prunus africana).
Wild perennials, species unknown.
Murembu tree (Ehretia cymosa)
Woodland croton (Croton macrostachyus)
African olive (Olea africana)

“For about 2 years we researched the Miyawaki method but did not have the necessary funds or skills to execute it. In 2020, we met SUGi who trained and equipped us to bring this project to completion. SUGi made it a reality. We are truly grateful for them believing in us and the work we are doing here. We believe it's partnerships such as these that will enable us to transform our world for the better. We cannot wait to see how the forest will do in the next few years. Our hope is that others can come here, learn from it and go home to replicate the same.”

Michael Waiyaki, SUGi’s 2020 Pilot Fellowship Winner

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