ICHK Hong Lok Yuen Forest

The First Miyawaki Forest in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Miyawaki Forest
The First Miyawaki Forest in Hong Kong




Square Meters


Native Species

man stands in a dirt field
The site of ICHK Hong Lok Yuen Forest in Hong Kong.
The pocket forest after 1 year of growth.

“The Miyawaki Forest will be a key element for the school to fulfil its vision of being a leader in outdoor learning. By enabling the children to be part of developing and nurturing a vibrant ecosystem, we are empowering them to learn about and love the natural world. This not only enriches their lives but enriches the world around them.”

Derek Pinchbeck — Head of School

Tallest trees - Clammy Cherry (Physalis heterophylla).
Parasol leaf tree (Tanarius macaranga).
Angled Castor butterfly (Ariadne ariadne).
Jamun (Syzygium hancei).
Shell ginger (Alpinia zerumbet).
Chamberbitter (Phyllanthus urinaria).

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