SUGi Fellowship 2022 — Finalist


We are proud to announce our 6 new Fellows, who represent the next generation of SUGi Forest Makers. Join us in welcoming Manuela, Amod, Oksana, Magnus, Maya and Christine to the Rewilding Generation!

“Our aim is to connect with the Earth and its aura, bringing everything back into harmony.”

Amod, Nepal

“Our goal is to address the ecological damage caused by bombardments.”

Oksana - Ukraine

“I want to inspire and empower others, especially young people, to take part in ecosystem restoration and create a future in which we can survive and even thrive.”

Maya - USA

“I believe the Miyawaki method gives us a tool to help heal the planet but also communities.”

Christine - USA

“I want to act. Creating forests is the best way I have to take care of our planet and the people I love.”

Manuela - Portugal

Creating the cities of tomorrow.”

Magnus - Denmark

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