SUGi Pocket Forest

Sugi Pocket forest

SUGi Pocket Forest

Order or Gift backyard biodiversity.

Turn a corner of your garden or backyard into your very own tranquil forest haven, designed for native biodiversity to flourish and offset air pollution.

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We do the Work

Plant a forest with sugi

Pick Your Spot

All you need is at least 3 Sq m and we can turn any patch of garden or grass into a vibrant native forest.

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We Design

We select the native species of trees and shrubs unique to your location, and create the perfect wild forest for your space.

how to plant a tree

We Plant

Our Forest Maker comes to you to plant and maintain your SUGi Pocket Forest.


benefits of biodiversity with sugi

Practical Details

sugi project size


SUGi Pocket Forest ranges from 3 to 20 Sq m.

how much does it cost to plant a tree


Starting at 375 GBP (3 Sq m) for nearly all locations in the UK.

125 GBP for each additional Sq m.

sugi sustainability project


Forest creation can happen all year round.

Biodiversity Building
Native Species (U.K)

Oak trees biodiversity

The Oaks are the Kings of Biodiversity – home to around 450 species of insect in urban areas.

Importance of native trees

On average each native tree species provides a home for 80 unique forms of insects life.

Which trees are native

Birch, Willow and Hornbeam are very good for biodiversity.

which trees are good for bees

Good for Bees and Pollinators : Hazel, Cherry, Blackthorn, Crab apple, Rowan, Lime, Whitebeam, Wild Privet, Willow.

What is Miyawaki Method

Miyawaki Method

The Miyawaki Method of afforestation allows for the rapid creation of urban pockets of forest.

Quick to establish and virtually maintenance free, the 100% natural and organic methods create a haven for urban biodiversity.

Proven in Japan and around the world, the Miyawaki method has a 97% success rate for tree survival, even in testing environments.
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