Creating a Culture of Rewilding with Therme Group

This expansive forest building collaboration will establish vital biodiversity restoration hubs at Therme Group wellbeing centres all over the world.

Therme Group’s cultural initiative has as its core mission the goal of redressing modern life’s separation for the restorative power of nature and the fostering of new forms of creative experience and expression. The partnership respects the way cohabitation with our environment is not only essential for human health, but necessary for a new holistic cultural attitude. By planting native trees and thus designing urban areas with the wellbeing of humans and all species in mind, Therme Group facilitates a fundamental symbiotic realignment.

“The Gaia hypothesis introduced by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in the 1970s requires a radical shift in how we approach design processes: if planet earth is a self-regulating system creating the macro and micro climate and regulating its temperature, we need to move from “building” cities to “growing” them. This will require the same radical shift in our cultural adaptation and perspective as was provided in the 1920s through the Bauhaus movement. The “growing” is exactly what SUGi enables for Therme Groups urban development solutions.”

Mikolaj Sekutowicz, CEO and Curator Therme Art

Partners in Rewilding

We embrace partners who share our vision of building biodiversity and green infrastructure. Each strategic collaboration is uniquely tailored.

We rewild with visionaries from iconic global brands to sustainable start ups, from city officials to pioneering designers, architects, and artists.

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