Plant forest in Nantes, France.

Mini Big Forest

Miyawaki Method
Land Forest

MiniBigForest started with one encounter..

In 2018, during the Festival “Aux Arbres” in Nantes (France), Jim & Stéphanie met Shubhendu Sharma, and learned about the Miyawaki Method. It was love at first sight!

Totally inspired and taken by this initiative, they took a leap of faith and started their own adventure.

Today, in the West of France, they live by the Miyawaki Method to make “Participatory Urban Forests” that have an impact not only on the environment but also on us, people.

Coupling a double knowledge (scientific and sensitive) they dream of [re]connecting people with Nature, with the Tree.

MiniBigForest takes the community at heart; they welcome kids, citizens, employers, anyone to join in creating forests.

Mini Big Forest's Projects


IME Val Lorie

A green lung for kids within a high density industrial area.

Land Forest

Forest Makers

Land Forest
Land Forest
Land Forest
Land Forest